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    The joint-stock company "Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant" – is one of the largest dynamically developing producers of ferroalloys in Europe. It is regarded the largest not only because of the volume of output, but also because of the produced nomenclature of alloys. The share of enterprise production in Ukraine is 30-35% and in global output volume of ferroalloys it is 1-2%. For 80 years of its existence the enterprise has gained the reputation of a reliable partner and a ferroalloys supplier that meet the highest requirements of customers. The EXPERIENCE accumulated for years, RELIABILITY proven by ages, as well as the PROSPECT of developing enterprise make the production of hundreds of thousands tons of siliceous and manganese alloys per year possible.

    Present Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant consists of:


    In terms of ecology the enterprise is regarded relatively clean metallurgical plant. Depending on their purpose, all electric furnaces are equipped with gas purification systems. They ensure the capture of more than 99.9% gases and dust. The areas of dust pelletizing and waste production processing are working on the plant. The part of ferroalloy gas is used instead of natural gas for limestone burning and lime production.

    Closed circulating cycles of process water supply function on the plant. Reliable level of technology and high-quality production is ensured with the help of precise measuring, monitoring and informational technologies, managed by highly qualified personnel. Various ways of teeming guarantees even distribution of chemical elements in alloy ingots. Crushing and screening facilities allow getting the different breakup production to meet consumer requirements. The products may be shipped in soft containers of "Big Bag" type. The quality of management and marketable products is confirmed by the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008.

    The main consumers are Ukrainian metallurgical plants. The countries of export are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, EU countries and also Turkey, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, etc

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