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    Construction started in 1931 and one year later after putting in operation of Dneprovskoy hydroelectric power station, in October 10, 1933 two furnaces produced ferrochrome. The firsts tons of ferrochrome produced in 1933 - that's the beginning of the plant biography. Сonstruction of ferrochrome smelting workshop with 5 electrical furnaces finished in August 1934.  Simultaneously construction of ferrosilicon smelting workshop have been in process, the first electrical furnace have started to work in 1934. In a year a workshop producing ferrosilicon started to work.

    Till 1941 in two smelting workshops 11 furnaces operated, which produced above 50% of ferrosilicon and 45% refined ferrochrome of domestic manufacture.  After liberation of Zaporozhye in October 1943 and rebuilding of the plant in August 1944 the production of calcium carbide was started. In 1945 was put into operation one ferrochrome furnace, the rest four furnaces of smelting workshop № 2 – in 1947-1951.

    The first casting of ferrosilicon was done in 1948. The rest 5 furnaces started to work in 1950.

    In 1951 the technology of manganese metal production by three-stage method was introduced (workshop № 2), this year prewar powers were exceeded. In 1955-1966 were put into operation: workshop № 3 for manganese metal production expansion, furnaces № 7,8, two lime furnaces, smelting workshop № 4 with 8 powerful furnaces, equipped with systems of gas purification systems, powerful transformers, high efficient dust collectors and completely automatic control system. The enterprise was awarded in 1971 with the “Order of Labor Red Flag” for the considerable achieved work successes.    

    Considerable production rising was in the period 1974-1990, when the ferroalloy production volumes exceeded 500 thousands per year. In 1980 10-million ton of ferroalloys were made. It became possible in the result of reconstruction practically all furnaces, increase of parameters and power of transformers, automation of mix proportioning system and electrical regimes of the furnaces.  

    In 1995 the enterprise was awarded with the “Birmingen torch” for outstanding results in severe and transition economic conditions of Ukrainian development.  

    In March 14, 2003 20 millions ton of ferroalloy smelting was made and the celebrations devoted to this outstanding event were taken place in the smelting workshop № 4. In October 10, 2003 the enterprise celebrated 70-year's anniversary from the date of its foundation. To this significant event the reconstructed furnaces № 23-24 in the smelting workshop № 3 were launched.

    The enterprise was awarded with the prestigious prize of International personnel academy «Order of honour» for the considerable contribution in the development of domestic metallurgy. In November 2003 the factory was awarded with the prestigious international award «European quality» for reaching high quality of production corresponding to European standards.

    Last furnaces № 21-22 in the smelting workshop № 3 were launched in 2006. During 1993-2007 years 4 stages of reconstruction of smelting workshop № 3 with the reconstruction of its 8 (eight) electric furnaces have been fulfilled with the usage of the modern European equipment of the German company SMS Demag and Swedish concern ABB. It will allow to increase metal manganese production up to 1500 tons per month.

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