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ПАО "ЗФЗ" - учредитель украинской Ассоциации производителей ферросплавов.
Greeting of board


Soloshenko V.P.
Technical director


Constant technology improvement, modernization of manufacturing capacity and optimization of the costs are the basic elements of success formula of vigorous enterprise development in recent years. They also ensure the powerful base for further growth.

Gordiyenko T.V.
Chief accountant
The bookkeeping serves as an indicator for the enterprise condition. It points to the strong and weak sides of the enterprise. Like fount of figures it will answer any question concerning industrial and economic activity.
Zubov S.V.
Deputy chairman of the board
High professionalism, efficient labor organization, equitable and just motivation are three basic cores, on which the personnel policy is based. It enables to provide the enterprise with high-qualified staff that performs assigned tasks and works for perspective. The creation of favourable moral and psychological climate among the staff, the development of corporate culture and the payment of worthy salary always stay in the array of primal problems

Spiridinov Y.N.
Chairman of the trade union committee
Workers’ rights protection is one of the main functions of the trade union committee, directed on the ensuring of safe and modern working conditions, worthy salary as well as social partnership between administration and working people.
Sysuev D.E.
Deputy Chairman of the Board
The ensuring financial stability is the primary objective of the enterprise, which is based on the effective management of financial resources, their mobilization and conservation.

Ilchenko A.V.
Deputy Chairman of the Board
Joint-stock company economic security assurance is the principal mission of the headed service. And it’s a joint work of all the divisions and the whole staff of the enterprise.
Lavrinenko G.V.
Deputy Chairman of the Board
(marketing director) 
Active work on the international and domestic market, meeting the most rigorous product quality requirements, both in chemical and fractional composition, meeting the strictest terms of delivery and estimations are primary goals of commercial area.

Chechel A.I. 
Deputy Chairman of the Board
(labour protection)
The creations of favourable and safe working conditions, prevention of injuries on the workplaces are top priorities of the enterprise development, which correspond with the enterprise ideology.
Umrikhin K.V.
Deputy Chairman of the Board 
High quality of manifactured products is one of the main conditions of competitiveness and successful, stable work of the enterprise. The major task of the quality service is control at all stages of production activities: from raw material supply to receiving final products.
Balashov S.M. 
Chief engineer
Modernization and renewal of production capacities, fulfillment of high-quality, modern capital and preventive overhaul, scheduled operation on the equipment maintenance, prevention of accidents, provision of the enterprise with energy resources are the main tasks of engineering service.
Sezonenko O.N. 
Deputy Technical Director
Ensuring the uninterrupted production process, the achievement of optimal work technology for all resources, and improving of the culture of production are the main tasks of the production area.
Kovtun N.I. 
Deputy Technical Director
(transport and quality). 
The establishing of the rules of working with road and rail transport on the enterprise. The uninterrupted and rhythmic ensuring of manufacturing process with road and rail traffic. Quality control of incoming raw materials and inventory holdings, quality assurance of the shipped marketable products.
Lihobitskaya L.V. 
Deputy Technical Director 
(environmental protection). 
The organization and control of the events for the environmental protection. Integrity management of environmental facilities. The development of events directed at the reduction of the environmental pollution by harmful effects of production.

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